Messi Wins Ballon dOr award Again大学英

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Messi Wins Ballon dOr award Again大学英语作文

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Messi Wins Ballon dOr award Again大学英语作文

  Football is the world’s NO.1sport, though our football players’ level is lagging much behind other countries, football in China is still very popular. The world famous football player like David Beckham is known to all, and the young players Messi and C. Ronaldo are favored by all. Messi takes the lead over C. Ronaldo in Ballon d’Or award, for Messi wins the fifth award.

  Messi wins his fifth Ballon d’Or award recently, which helps him makes the new record. When talking about him, I admire him so much, because of his experience. Messi is not a tall boy, when he was small, he got sick which made him grow up slowly. In order to fight against this disease, he started to play football, it not only made him become taller, but also helped him earn some money to the treatment.

  Now, Messi is the world famous star, his story inspires so many teenagers. Messi and his girlfriend had a boy. Being a father makes Messi much more mature, the boy’s coming completes his life.

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